December 27th, 2002

  • jmg77

Calling local instrumentalists...

Sorry about cross-posting this to different communities.

I'm trying to find people in the central/eastern MA areas who play somewhat non-standard instruments for a project that I'm currently working on. I'd most like to find anyone who plays clarinet, flute, trumpet, viola, violin, theremin, or anything along those lines...simply put, instruments that you'd rarely hear in rock music.

Some background on the project: I'm in the process of recording an album of my own music that I've written for acoustic guitar, I've also got friends relatives playing piano, cello, and drums. I'm hoping to start playing shows sometime around late Spring, but I want to make this a bit of an unusual venture...essentially I'm going to be the only constant member on guitar and (some) vocals, I'd like to have an assortment of people who can play along with me on a multitude of instruments, so that when I book shows, any combination of these instrumentalists will be able to join me on stage. Although I plan to show the musicians at least how to play the songs, or the roots of what I'm playing on guitar, this would not be a particularly time-consuming endeavour for anyone else involved...we wouldn't need to practice together much, as I'd want the shows to take something of an improvisational approach...depending on what instruments are involved at any time, the songs/pieces will feel decidedly different each time they're played out.

The music could be described as relatively simple, pretty, slow stuff. Some of my influences (which may or may not show) in this project include Nick Drake, Mogwai, Neutral Milk Hotel, and maybe some others that I can't think of right now.

As of the middle of January I'll be living in Shrewsbury...I'd be able to have people over to my place to at least listen to the music and perhaps go over some ideas, but I can always go out to wherever you are. I'm hoping to have the album finished within a couple of months, but I've already got demos of most of the tracks recorded, for anyone interested who'd at least like to hear some of my ideas. At the same time, I've also written some things that aren't going to be on the album but that I'm hoping to play out once the shows get started.

Anyway, I hope there's some interest in this out there. Drop me a line and let me know, or check my user info to either IM or email me. -j
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