December 4th, 2002


(x-post) 12.10.02 ...Special event : CAUSTIC II / Bali Benefit

12.10.02 ...Special event : CAUSTIC II / Bali Benefit
Hosted by Chasm Tuesdays @ Vertigo Nightclub

Acid House, with :
DJ Shalako (redlight productions)
Dale Lee

(Please note : As always, Chasm is FREE, but on this date we will be
accepting voluntary donations at the door. 100% of door procceeds will
be going to benefit the victims of the terrorist attack in Bali.)

On October 12th, a carbomb exploded just outside a crowded nightclub
on Kuta Beach in Bali. This horrible terrorist act cost over 180 lives,
and ultimately a whole lot more. The attack is one on the most basic
levels of society and on the way we live our normal lives; If the World
Trade Center attacks were on the nerve of business and financial world,
the bombing in Bali is an attack on the world of leisure, the world of
international travel and the global interactions that have become an
inseparable part of our daily lives.

As the two month aniversary of this cruel and cowardly attack approaches,
please come together to help support those who were affected. Voluntary
donations will be accepted at the door of this event, all of which will go
to benefit those who were affected most by this heinous act.

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